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Camino de Santiago Day 2: Walk your own walk
Camino de Santiago Day 1: Catholics, Misfits, and Lost Souls
Son Doong by drone
  • Son Doong by drone

  • Last year I joined an expedition to Son Doong cave, the largest cave in the world, located in central Vietnam. We were joined by Good Morning America for a TV special here in the USA. I was cleaning up some of my old memory cards and came across some drone foo [...]
Thanksgiving Waterfalls in Oregon
  • Thanksgiving Waterfalls in Oregon

  • Who doesn't like a good waterfall, especially over Thanksgiving! I was kind of at a loss on what to do with the long weekend after my Antartica trip crashed and burned again. I was going to trip down to Yosemite, but then I thought about it- what better place [...]
  • Two Strikes For Antartica

  • It has taken me a few days to get the motivation to write this. I threw myself into work and a few side projects not really wanting to think about it. Right now I should be in Antartica. But I am not. For the second time in a row. This time I made it halfway b [...]
Antartica, Here I Come!
  • Antartica, Here I Come!

  • "My bags are packed. I'm ready to go..." I've got that John Denver song in my head, as I always do right before a trip. This Sunday I board a plane and head south - way, way south; Right to the bottom of the world. That's right, Antartica. It might s [...]