Feel Every Step

What do you when your dreams come true? Like many people who are drawn to walk the Camino de Santiago, I was looking for some meaning in my life and, as crazy as it sounds, how to feel again.

For 27 days I walked the Camino Francis from St Jean Pied de Port.Along my journey I discovered something about myself, and perhaps more importantly, about the Way itself. Who would have guessed St. James is one sarcastic bastard?

This is my story.

“I must have read a dozen Camino books…In my view this was the best of the lot. A beautiful book that brought my own camino back to life.”

– Amazon 5 star review


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The Seed of Hope

Charlie Parker was excited. What kid wouldn’t be on Talent Day? By the end of the day he might be able to fly, or turn invisible, or more! In Devon Grove, magic was real. And it literally grows on trees. One tree anyway, the Talent Tree.

Charlie’s father was the Keeper of the Talent Tree. One day Charlie would be too. That is if someone hadn’t stolen his talent, drained all the magic from the tree, and threatened to destroy the world.

“Like J. K. Rowling, Mr. Wall has also created an excellent world within our own.”

– Amazon 4 star review


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