Years ago I took my first backpacking trip, as many of us from Australia do. We call it a walk-a-bout. Most of us return and are content to live a normal life. Me, on the other hand, never quite stopped. There is something about the challenge of travel that is intoxicating. You have to think on your feet, navigate far-flung locations where your native language is about as useless as that smartphone you are addicted to back home.

Travel is the greatest education anyone can have. Without visiting other countries, you can not appreciate other cultures and how fortunate so few of us truly are to live in a modern, safe, country. What’s more, travel, in particular, adventure travel that takes you high into the mountains and remote corners of this world, makes you realize how beautiful and fragile this world really is. When you stare into the eyes of the gorillas of Rwanda and they stare knowingly back or see how much the glaciers atop Mt. Kilimanjaro have retreated and how many plastic bottles litter the pathway, you have to stop and think, What I can I do to make a difference?

Kilimanjaro is also where my love of photography took hold. I was trekking to the top many years ago, walking fast, passing others along the way. I was focused on the goal when a porter said to me “Pole Pole. The mountain isn’t going anywhere“. Pole pole, is Swahili for Slowly slowly.

This simple statement struck a chord. I travel to so many amazing places that I should slow down and enjoy the moments more. Taking photos forces me to slow down, but also capture a moment of natural beauty that I can share with others. A great photograph, just like great music, should inspire. It should make you feel. There is an old Chinese proverb, Music is the bridge between heaven and earth. I climb mountains and play guitar to get closer to both.

All of my photos are available for purchase. I also work on commission and open to assignments. Want someone to document your backpacking adventure, or even looking for tips on where to get off the beaten track, let me know. I’m happy to help.