Daily Photo Edit: Suspension Bridge In Nepal

Today’s pic is from a trek to Everest Base Camp. The before pic, below, is pretty good. Not bad for shooting from a bouncing suspension bridge 50m in the air. I love the perspective and clouds, but wanted to give it a little more of an adventurous and remote feel, and draw the viewers eye along the bridge more. The photo was shot with a Nikon D80 and Nikkor 14-24mm Lens wide open at 14mm, f2.8, 1/500sec, 100ISO

Before photo

The first thing I wanted to do was drop the saturation. I prefer more pastel/softer colors in my photo. I applied a Replichrome preset, Saturation–, to drop everything back a little. The Replichrome Tweak Kit set of presets are my goto collection. Unlike many presets which totally change a photo, these presets tweak only specific aspects of the photo. I generally start with a Tweak Kit preset before moving to brushes for fine tuning.

Next, I wanted to draw the eye along the bridge. I used a brighter-shadows brush and brushed in where I wanted to increase brightness.

Brightening shadows and drawing the eye to the center of the photo

Then, switched brushes to a enhance the detail of the clouds. I wanted to add a little more definition and slightly drop the highlights.

Adding clarity and detail to the clouds

Finally, I applied another Tweak Kit preset to adjust the curves. I wanted to balance out the contrast in the forest a little more without adding a heavy fade across everything. Adjusting the curve usually does the trick. With the curves right now, I applied a soft black vignette preset to really finish off the effect of drawing the viewers attention to center of the photo. The end reset is subtle, but adds a moody, adventurous feel to the photo which is what I was after.

The final result


The before and after