Welcome to Chile. And where to next?

After some seriously long layovers, and a missed connection, I finally made it to Puerto Natales, the jumping off point for my south-to-north navigation of Chile. My current status is relaxing in The Singing Lamb, which for some reason I keep calling the Dancing Chicken. Perhaps it’s a sign I need to set up a hostel here? Or perhaps its more the result of lack of sleep, or maybe sheep. I have no idea…


image1Sleep, oh I remember you. I arrived in Punta Arenas airport at 1:30am last night and had to sleep on the floor till 6am when I could hop a ride downtown and find a bus to Puerto Natales. Buying tickets for the bus ahead of the time is unbelievably hard for some reason. My advice is, jump a cab downtown to Bus Sur and walk right up to the window and buy it in person. You can also buy your round-trip Torres del Paine tickets there too. All up, the ticket to Puerto Natales, and round trip to Torres del Paine was $CLP21,000, roughly $USD30.

image4The good thing about layovers is that I get time to work. The trick to working on the road is pull out your laptop any time that you have down time. Truth be told, a lot of traveling is waiting. I always find that I am more focused because I know I need to use my time more efficiently. I updated a iOS project to use the Salesforce Mobile SDK 4.0 and blogged about it, plus worked on some tutorials for Trailhead. And, I got to enjoy the great coffee at Santiago airport. Not a bad day if I do say so myself. Dancing chickens and singing sheep be damned.


image2Once I settled into the Singing Lamb, showered, and prepped my bag for tomorrow. I had a few last minute supplies to buy for the trek, specifically gas for my stove. I also spent some time working out the next leg of the trip. Southern Chile is very remote from the rest of the Chile with no real roads connecting here to Puerto Montt. I was considering taking the 3-4 day ferry through the fjords, made famous by hiding the Dresden from the British in WWI.  I thought the ferry would be a picturesque way to travel, plus give me time to work, but in the end I decided to take the bus through Argentina to El Calafete and check out the Perito Moreno glacier, before heading to El Chalten and Chile Chico to see the marble caves. From there the plan is to fly from Balmaceda to Santiago. I’ve been plotting the trip on Google Maps.

Now though, it’s time to grab a beer at the bar. Hey, it’s new years eve after all!