Thanksgiving Waterfalls in Oregon

Who doesn’t like a good waterfall, especially over Thanksgiving! I was kind of at a loss on what to do with the long weekend after my Antartica trip crashed and burned again. I was going to trip down to Yosemite, but then I thought about it- what better place to check out some waterfalls than Oregon. And what better time of year to do it. The clouds will be as fat and heavy as the thanksgiving day feasts, everyone will be inside watching football. I’ll have the waterfalls all to myself. Mwah-ha-ha-ha.

It sounded like a fiendishly good plan. I cracked open my browser and went to work. Originally I was thinking of driving from San Francisco and hitting Klamath Falls and Crater lake in southern Oregon, but ended up opting to flying to Portland, rent an SUV and hit a bunch of falls. I like Portland. It has a funky vibe. I’m excited to visit the area again.


I found a great site listing most of the main falls around the Mt. Hood area and plotted them on a custom Google Map. And, tada! Instant road trip. I threw my D810 with 24-70mm lens into my F-Stop Santori bag, a few changes of clothes, and booked my ticket. I head out super early tomorrow for 3 days of amazing waterfalls. My plan is to hit Multnomah Falls, Romona Falls, Punchbowl Falls, Abiqua Falls, Metlako Falls, Elowah Falls, and maybe drop into Bagby Hot Springs for a soak before heading back to Portland airport. All up, the trip is about 440 miles over 3-4 days.